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Brief description of the organisation

The company, founded by Mariana Goldhamer in June 2011, is providing consultancy services in the area of LTE standardization, ETSI BRAN standardization, wireless regulations and IPR generation. 4GCelleX (Mariana) helps FP7 projects, as FREEDOM and BuNGee, to disseminate their research results by contribution to standards, by up-dating the interested partners about 3GPP activities, meeting results, relevant work items, parameters for simulations. The work is done in a collaborative mode; the resulting contribution is disseminated through the 3GPP email list and if selected, by presentation in the meeting.


Main tasks attributed in the project

WP2: Requirements, architecture aspects.
WP3: Protocol aspects related to MP communications, collaborative sensing, HeNB-HeNB and HeNB-MeNB interference coordination, communication over the air, improved spectral efficiency.
WP5: System aspects.
WP7. 4GCelleX is the leader of dissemination, standardisation and IPR generation activities.


Previous experience relevant to those tasks

Mariana Goldhamer has 12 years of experience in the standardization of broadband wireless systems, mainly in 3GPP LTE and LTE-Advanced, ETSI BRAN and IEEE 802.16. Also has more than 10 patent applications, some approved, inthe areas of inter-cell interference coordination, inter-system coexistence and direct wireless communications. 4GC has provided consultancy services for the FREEDOM project, related to LTE-Advanced standardization in 3GPP,RAN1 and RAN3. She has written the contributions such to match between the research outputs and the work in 3GPP, by continuous interaction and support to the FREEDOM academic partners providing the research results and the simulations.


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