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Dune S.L.R.


Brief description of the organisation

The company is a micro-SME based in Rome with expertise in real-time processing, implementation and test on high performance DSP architectures, digital signal processing for wireless communication, namely algorithm and software development.


Main tasks attributed in the project

Beside the dissemination, exploitation and IPR management in WP7, DUNE will place the major efforts in leading WP6 on the demonstration platform; the firm will be also involved in WP2, contributing to the definition of the scenarios and the requirements and in WP3 for MP2MP communication, collaborative sensing and the abstraction models, to be fed in WP6 and a key enabling tool for the demonstration.


Previous experience relevant to those tasks

Specific expertise on HeNBs and femtocells have been gained by DUNE in the ICT-REEDOM (FP7) on femtocell interference and system management. Additional expertise relevant to TROPIC comes from solutions and consultancy provided to large private customers and from the management of the IST-SATURN (FP5) project on smart antennas (MIMO for UMTS and HIPERLAN/2); the participation in IST-ROMANTIK (FP5) project, with specific involvement in UMTS-FDD-HSDPA, in IST-SURFACE (FP6), with special focus on firmware optimisation and radio front-end development, in IST-WINSOC project (FP6) on bio-inspired self-optimisation of wireless sensor networks, with special focus on the system simulation aspects and in ICT-ROCKET (FP7) on cooperative relayed-based network. More information about DUNE expertise relevant to TROPIC can be found in www.dune-sistemi.com.


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