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Brief description of the organisation

Sequans Communications is a French SME with global presence. Sequans Communications is the industry leader in fixed and mobile WiMAX semiconductor solutions based on IEEE standards, delivering unrivaled performance in coverage, capacity, functionality and power consumption. These low power, high throughput solutions are inherited from a long-lasting R&D involvement, giving to Sequans' products the leading-edge innovations.


Main tasks attributed in the project

SEQUANS will contribute to the definition of system scenario and requirement. SEQUANS main contribution will be related to the design, the development and the assessment of interference mitigation receiver at the terminal side (WP3), which could meet the remaining interference generated by the system, depending on the level of cooperation allowed between the base stations.


Previous experience relevant to those tasks

SEQUANS has developed expertise in the development of system on chip solution for WiMAX and LTE terminals. In terms of research and development activities in collaborative projects, SEQ was and is involved in some Europeans project dedicated to the development of future radio technologies and components such as Artist4G, SAMURAI, FREEDOM, etc.


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