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Brief description of the organisation

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk (TELKOM) is a state owned company and the largest full information and communications service and network provider in Indonesia. TELKOM provide fixed wireline, fixed wireless, cellular as well as data & internet and network interconnection services, both directly and through its associate companies and subsidiaries.

TELKOM R&D Centre (TELKOM RDC) is a cost centre within TELKOM which was established to provide R&D initiative, innovation and solution for TELKOM Group and Indonesian ICT Community including government and society. Manned by around 200 people, most of whom are young and innovation-oriented professionals in their 30s, TELKOM RDC is indeed a unique driving force in the Indonesian IT industry.


Main tasks attributed in the project

TELKOM RDC will be involved in WP2 contributing to the operational & service requirement and market allignment. TELKOM RDC will also contribute in WP5 addressing network quality model for femto-cloud. Based on this study result, the network model will be implemented into system level simulation addressing network parts in WP6. In WP7, TELKOM RDC contributes to assess business opportunity and exploitation plan of femto-cloud.


Previous experience relevant to those tasks

TELKOM has been participating in several industrial research programs and engineering in telecommunications, aim to access the new technology and business in area of telecommunication, information, media and edutainment for TELKOM Group and stake holder including industry and regulator. TELKOM has been a decade to be an active member of the Asia Pacific Telecommunication (APT) community and contribute to several researches and HRD exchange between TELKOM and Japanese Universities and industrial research institution in Japan. Among the research programmes is Emergency Broadband Access Network using Low Altitude Platform which utilizing WiFi mesh network.

TELKOM R&C conducts the following research activities which are relevant to the project:

  • Involvement in FREEDOM Project
  • Assessment and implement cloud computing business
  • conduct technology assessment and strategic planning prior to the deployment decision within TELKOM networks including NGN, wireline access (xDSL and FTTx), backbone (DWDM, MPLS, Metro Ethernet) and 4G wireless access (LTE and Managed WiFi).
  • conduct market research, business model development and techno-economic analysis for broadband wireless access (BWA) adoption in Indonesia.
  • support Indonesian regulator and collaborative research activities related to broadband access network.

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